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Staffing Model

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Care Home Staffing Model

The Care Home Staffing Model (CHSM) is an Excel-based tool which summarises the functional needs (or dependency) of individual residents based on the care home Indicator of Relative Need or ioRN measure. The CHSM tool also produces an aggregate ioRN score for the home by combining the ioRN information for every resident. This is then used to show how resident dependency and care hours for the home compare against an equivalent care home.

Used over time, the tool can track how individual resident characteristics change, as well as the trends for the home. This information is intended to help the care home manager and staff to deliver good quality care for individual residents and to support decisions on the overall staffing of the home.

The model was developed in partnership between ISD Scotland, The Scottish Government, the Care Commission and COSLA. Scottish Care has supported the initiative in principle and care home managers have been actively involved throughout its development and testing.

Using the Care Home Staffing Model

The Excel tool provided below is a prototype; however many care homes continue to find it useful.

The model does not specify what the staffing of a care home should be. That remains the responsibility of the care home manager who may need to take account of many factors. The model does however offer information that can help the manager with their decisions to ensure that staffing reflects resident needs.

NB In September 2015 a correction was made to the staffing part of the model and it is recommended that all active users should download a new version. The Indicator of Relative Need (ioRN) element of the model is unaffected by this change.

Download the Care Home Staffing Model:

The Care Home Staffing Model (CHSM)

To download the The Care Home Staffing Model (CHSM) dependency tool please fill out the information below. By clicking submit you agree to allow ISD to contact you in the future to ask you to take part in any surveys or data collection exercises.

Please register here to download the Care Home Staffing Model tool.

You will also need:

Background Reports

A stakeholder report Download PDF file [334K] details the outcome of the development phase of the Care Home Staffing Model project to identify a way of better informing staffing levels in care homes.

See the detailed technical report for more information. Download PDF file [510K]

This questionnaire Download PDF file [87K] used in care homes provides more detail.


If you would like to discuss the use of the care home staffing model and the Augmented Indicator of Relative Need in more detail, please contact Peter Knight


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