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Data Definitions and References

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CLoVE (CoPPISH Local Validation Engine)

Updates to CLoVE can now be accessed by users via these webpage. The two versions of CLoVE available from this site (v2.2 and v2.3) both use a file called corect.dll. Users should note that corect.dll is also used by other programs (such as PCSMR). There can only be one version of corect.dll installed and functional on a single PC at any given time.

The table below shows the versions of CLoVE II and the versions of the corect.dll that go together.To find out the relevant versions of corect used with other applications please check their documentation.

CLoVE II Version Corect.Dll Version
2.3.5 04.04.0001
2.3.7 04.04.0003
2.4.0001 05.10.0001
2.4.2 06.10.0003
3.01.0001 08.04.0002
3.01.0002 08.04.0003
4.01.01 09.04.00
4.02.01 10.04.03
4.03.01 10.08.01
4.04.00 10.10.03
4.04.02 11.04.01
4.04.04 12.04.01
4.04.05 12.04.02
4.05.03 13.04.01
4.05.04 13.04.02
4.06.01 14.04.01
4.07.01 14.10.01
4.07.02 15.01.01
4.07.03 15.04.01
4.07.04 16.04.01

To download updates to CLoVE

Firstly ensure you have the necessary pre-requisites to run the software.

  • It is essential that the user installs the Microsoft .net Framework Version 2.0 Service Pack 2 and Microsoft .net Framework Version 3.5 Service Pack 1
  • Pentium III or equivalent processor or better. (Clove will run on a lesser processor but performance will decrease. This should be regarded as a recommended specification).
  • 512Mb of memory recommended. This will depend on which Operating System and what other programs are running.
  • Windows XP or later.
  • Enough free hard disk space for the smooth operation of the installed operating system.
  • The SCI Validation Engine (this is installed as part of Clove).
  • A regularly updated reference database. This can be an Access 97 / 2000 / Oracle or SQL server. Access 97 is provided with the system. Oracle or SQL is not automatically included in the Clove package. Users who purchase either Oracle or SQL to use with Clove should contact the ISD Customer Support Desk by e-mail or telephone on 0131 275 7777 for further advice. The PCSMR database which also uses the SCI Validation software is a suitable alternative to the provided Access database.

Click on the relevant link to access the self extracting zip file and copy to a suitable directory on your own computer. This contains all the documentation required and setup for the system. The full system downloads will require you to run "setup.exe" and follow the installation instructions. Then when the installation is finished, or if you have just downloaded the reference database you have to update the reference database with the most recent reference files. If you are just downloading the clove.exe and the corect.dll then you need to overwrite the existing clove.exe on your system and register the corect.dll(if you or your IT support don't know how to do this then log a call with the ISD Customer Support Desk (see Contacts for details).

Filename Size Last Updated
CLoVE 4.4.0 Run Executable file 11MB 11.01.2011
CLoVE 4.4.2 Run Executable file 11MB 01.04.2011
CLoVE 4.4.5 Run Executable file 11MB 20.06.2012
CLoVE 4.5.3 Run Executable file 11MB 05.04.2013
CLoVE 4.5.4 Run Executable file 11MB 22.10.2013
CLoVE 4.6.1 Run Executable file 11MB 01.04.2014
CLoVE 4.7.1 Run Executable file 11MB 21.10.2014
CLoVE 4.7.2 Run Executable file 11MB 16.01.2015
CLoVE 4.7.3 Run Executable file 11MB 01.04.2015
CLoVE 4.7.4 Run Executable file 11MB 01.04.2016

If you need the MS Access version of the reference database, please download it here.

The reference database needs to be updated monthly in line with the ISD Reference files update.

For enquiries regarding the installation and operation of CLoVE or SCI Reference Update

ISD Customer Support Desk
Tel: 0131 275 7777

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